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Q: What if I don't use PowerPoint? Does your software "convert" my presentation into PowerPoint?

A: i>clicker works seamlessly with all Macintosh or PC software applications (e.g. Keynote, Adobe, Word, Flash, etc), allowing you the utmost flexibility in presentation preparation. Because the i>clicker menu bar floats in front of any application, i>clicker appears integrated with whatever application you choose. This menu bar enables you to poll at any point during your presentation (i.e. a question in a Word document) and cleverly takes a picture of your screen for your later review of questions/responses. Thus, i>clicker doesn't have to "convert" your content into a PowerPoint slide show. Many i>clicker users prefer Adobe, Flash, Word, Keynote, and even Notepad to PowerPoint. We don't force you to change your preferred presentation application. With i>clicker, you can even pose question from CDs, DVDs, or the internet - your options are limitless.