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Q: How do I view and display voting results in class?

A: A histogram of your students' results can be displayed either by clicking the "Display" button on the i>clicker floating menu bar, or pressing the "B" key on the designated instructor's remote. You may also see results (without having to display the histogram) through the LCD screen on your receiver. The LCD data is updated every second, and includes the timer (on the upper left), the total vote count (on the upper right), and the distribution (by percentage) of votes across the 5 choices is displayed across the bottom.

Note that you control when and if the voting results are displayed; i>clicker does not automatically launch the voting results graph for pedagogical reasons. The flexibility of the i>clicker graph, combined with the LCD results feature enable you to decide when (and if) voting results are displayed.

You may also view and export session results and reports after class using i>grader (the i>clicker grade book application).