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Q: How do students change remote frequency?

A: If you are using a non-standard frequency (e.g. BA) in Settings and Preferences, i>clicker will alert your students to this change when you begin polling. Students will be instructed to:

A. Press the On/Off (power) button on their clicker until the blue Power light begins flashing (about 2 seconds).

B. Press the new two-letter code (that you've designated in your Settings/Preferences). A green Vote Status light will indicate your students have successfully reset their remote frequency.

The entire process takes about 3 seconds. This code will remain in place for the duration of the lecture/session (as long as the remote is on). Students will need to repeat this procedure for every lecture, which is why setting one code for the entire term will be easier to administer and communicate. Directions for changing a remote's frequency are on the back of every remote. You may also adjust or disable your frequency change alert preferences via Settings/Preferences.