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Q: Where should I place the i>clicker receiver in the classroom?

A: The i>clicker receiver does not require a line of sight to receive responses, and can thus be placed anywhere in your classroom. For best performance and maximum range, we recommend against placing the receiver inside any type of metal enclosure, such as a metal podium; however, some i>clicker users do lock the receiver in metal and still the range is considerable.

Note that there are a number of classrooms on UBC's campus that will already have a receiver permanently affixed in the classroom. To find out if the classroom in which you are teaching will already have a receiver, check the list for the Vancouver or Okanagan campus. You may also contact the Office of Learning Technology at to request a receiver if you are not teaching in a classroom with a permanent receiver. The Office of Learning Technology can provide all faculty with the other instructor components that are helpful (though not required) when using i>clicker (flash drive, instructor's remote).