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Setting your video dimensions before you begin editing ensures that the editing screen size is the same as the output. You want your editing size to equal your produced size.This allows you to avoid cases such as the black bar video syndrome. Here are some video tags strategies and other work-arounds to avoid black bar syndrome.

Mac (Version 2) - Set Video Dimensions Tutorial

(0:43) - Setting your canvas right to get the produced size you want

To ensure HD quality in Mac set the dimensions to YouTube HD 720p beside Preset.

Windows (Version 8) - Set Video Dimensions Tutorial

(0:10) - The editing dimensions dialog
(0:25) - Dimension presets
(1:00) - Entering custom dimensions
(1:05) - Aspect ratio tip

To ensure HD quality in Windows remove the checkbox for Keep Aspect Ratio, and then set the width to 1280 and the height to 720.

Dialog-information on.svg
  • Utilize the preset options for both Mac and Windows especially if you already know what you need.
  • Select the apporiate dimensions to the resolution (i.e. HD: 720) you desire for your finished product. Setting your video dimensions in HD is the work-around to ensure that your video keeps its resolution when uploading to Kaltura.