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Before you do anything on your project in Camtasia, saving at the start allows you to be able to find it later. When you open Camtasia go to File > Save (for Mac) or File > Save Project (for Windows). Then select name and location. It is strongly recommended to name and save your project file in a folder. In this folder, also include any other media files you will use in your video so that everything is together in one place. Doing this first step allows you to keep organized with your project management and various files.

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  • Before you begin in Camtasia make sure you have planned your project. Refer to the Plan It! section to complete your planning process. This will save you time and give you clarity as you go through screen recording and video editing.
  • In Windows, .camrec are raw screen recording files and .camproj is your camtasia project with all your edits.