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All of the following examples are videos produced using Camtasia.


There are 4 videos in this playlist.

This playlist introduces viewers to the process of developing a video tutorial. It is intended for students in Dr. Eric Meyers' user instruction course in which he covers the principles of teaching and learning as applied to library-based information literacy. This series of videos supports the final video assignment for the course. It is based on a screencast/voice-over technique using TechSmith's Camtasia for Mac. The video series was designed and executed by MLIS student Nick Josten.

Course Overview with Talking Head

These videos were created by Dr. Luis Linares, an electrical engineering professor at UBC. He describes the video as short videos that students can view "away from the classroom, empowering the student to tune in when he or she is ready for the next lecture, day or night, seven days a week. These videos are short with dense content, delivered at a fairly quick pace with the idea that students can pause rewind etc. More examples on Dr. Linares' YouTube Channel.

Voice Over Power Point

This video was developed by Michael Busby for teaching Geography at Murray State University. The videos were created to virtually share lecture content across multiple section and courses. These videos are also developed as open educational resources He describes his approach as simple requiring on PowerPoint, a microphone and Camtasia. Read more about this example on the TechSmith Detailed Case Study

Course Introduction

This video was developed to introduce an online course "Getting Started in Connect." The purpose of the video was to include more instructor presence in the course and provide people with an overview of the online course.