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CTLT Winter Institute


The 2021 CTLT Winter Institute will take place online from December 6-9. The CTLT Winter Institute will focus on the fundamentals of online teaching and learning issues and is designed to help participants enhance their understanding of sound online teaching practices and how to implement them in their teaching contexts. The theme of this year’s Winter Institute is Sustainable, Inclusive and Thriving Communities. Session materials and relevant resources are curated on the UBC Wiki to support your ongoing learning.

“We define sustainability as simultaneous improvements in human and environmental wellbeing.” – UBC Strategic Plan, Shaping UBC’s Next Century (p. 39).

Institute Schedule and Curated Resources

Date and Time Session Title Facilitators Workshop Resources
Monday December 6 9:00-10:30 Teaching Professionalism: Nailing Jell-o to the Wall? Sue Murphy, Head, Department of Physical Therapy
Monday December 6 11:00-12:00 Lightweight Integrated Socio-Emotional Practices to Support Students’ Wellbeing Oluwakemi Ola, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Computer Science
Monday December 6 1:00-2:30 An Introduction to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Adriana Briseño-Garzón, Senior Manager, Research and Evaluation,

Paulina Semenec, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Facilitator,

Monday December 6 3:00-4:00 Emerging Media in the Classroom: Introduction to the UBC Emerging Media Lab Saeed Dyanatkar, UBC Studios and Emerging Media Lab Executive Producer

Catherine Winters, Emerging Media Lab Supervisor Daniel Lindenberger, Emerging Media Mentor

Tuesday December 7 9:00-10:30 Promising Practices to Embed Wellbeing in Learning Environments Amanda Unruh, Health Promotion Specialist
Tuesday December 7 1:00-2:30 Toward the Equitable Teaching of Speaking Moberley Luger, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of English Language and Literatures + Coordinated Arts Program |

Craig Stensrud, PhD Candidate and GRA, Department of English Language and Literatures |

Tuesday December 7 3:00-4:00 3D Virtual Objects in the Classroom Suzie Lavallee, Professor of Teaching, UBC Faculty of Forestry Johana Wong, Project Coordinator

Wednesday December 8 9:00-10:30 Collectively Improving Literacy Surrounding Indigeneity, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion with Reading Groups Ashley Welsh, Faculty Liaison, CTLT & Skylight;

Jaclyn Dee, Lecturer, Botany Department; Christine Goedhart, Science Education Specialist, Botany & Skylight

Wednesday December 8 11:00-12:00 Preparing Students to Write: Using Team-Based Learning to Boost Student Confidence Rebecca Carruthers Den Hoed

Assistant Professor of Teaching Writing, Research, and Discourse Studies (WRDS) School of Journalism, Writing, and Media

Wednesday December 8 1:00-2:30 What Would An Accessible University Look Like? Perspectives of Disabled Instructors at UBC Corin de Freitas, PhD Candidate, Department of Geography;

Shota Iwasaki, PhD Candidate, Department of Asian Studies; Sharalyn Orbaugh, Professor, Department of Asian Studies; Ayaka Yoshimizu, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Asian Studies

Thursday December 9 9:00-10:30
Thursday December 9 11:00-12:00 A Virtual Introduction to UBC Studios Saeed Dyanatkar, Executive Producer UBC Studios

Nadia Picco,Team Lead UBC Studios Christopher Spencer, Producer UBC Studios Michael Sider, Producer UBC Studios Andrew Wang,Media Specialist UBC Studios

Thursday December 9 1:00-2:30 Hybrid Courses: Lessons Learned from Multi-Campus Instruction Christoph Sielmann, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Mechanical Engineering;

Casey Keulen, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Materials Engineering

Thursday December 9 2:30-4:00 Promoting Inclusion & Accessibility through Universal Design for Learning Panel Moderators:

Afsaneh Sharif, CTLT Faculty Liaison; Nausheen Shafiq, CTLT Curriculum Consultant; Sue Hampton. Educational Consultant, CTLT Panelists: Meghan Allen, Associate Professor of Teaching, UBC Computer Science; Strang Burton, Associate Professor of Teaching, UBC Linguistics; Tamara Ebl, Lecturer, CPA-CA UBCO Faculty of Management