Documentation:CTLT programs/2022-Celebrate Learning Week / May 11

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Time Session Title Facilitators / Moderators / Panelists Resources and Recordings
9:00 am–10:00 am UBC’s Curriculum MAP: Demo Anita Chaudhuri, Janine Hirtz, Laura Prada Learn More
9:15 am–2:10 pm Graduate Students in Teaching Conference CTLT Grad Team Learn More
9:30 am–1:00 am Encouraging Academic Integrity Through a Preventative Framework Jessica Kalra, Vicki Vogel PowerPoint Slides
10:00 am–11:00 am Enhancing Classroom Learning Through Critical Global Citizenship Jolanta Lekich, Eve Court, Program Advisor, Abeera Irfan PowerPoint Slides
10:30 am–12:00 pm The Equity & Inclusion Scholars Program Panel – Interventions Toward Inclusive Teaching UBC Equity and Inclusion Office Recording

PowerPoint Slides

12:00 pm–1:00pm Introduction to Universal Design for Learning: What? Why? and How? Antoine Coulombe PowerPoint Slides
1:30 pm–3:00pm Faculty & Staff Panel – Teaching and Learning Accessible Practices and Support Panel Piotr Ahmad, Ayaka Yoshimizu, Tamara Ebl, Strang Burton, Laura Yvonne Bulk PowerPoint Slides

Recording Resources

1:30 pm–3:00pm Inclusive Teaching: What is it and Why Does it Matter? Nausheen Shafiq, Sue Hampton PowerPoint Slides