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Acronym Name URL
AI Academic Integrity
AI Artificial Intelligence
ALDP Academic Leadership Development Program
ARS Audience Response Systems
Arts ISIT Arts Instructional Support and Information Technology
ACT Academic Continuity Toolkit
BB IM Blackboard Instant Messaging
BbLearn Blackboard Learn
BP BuddyPress
CATL Certificate Program in Advanced Teaching and Learning
CART CMS (Course Management System) Administrative Resource Team
CDI Course Design Intensive
CLC Chapman Learning Commons
CMS Content Management System
Commops Communications and Operations
CoP Community of Practice
CTLT Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology
CWSEI Carl Weiman Science Education Initiative
DBL Distance and Blended Learning
EDC Educational Developers Caucus
EDM Educational Data Mining
EIM Blackboard Enterprise Instant Messaging / Blackboard IM
ELI Educause Learning Initiative
ETUG Educational Technology Users Group
FCP Faculty Certificate Program
FDP Faculty Development Program
FDW Facilitator Development Workshop
FL Flexible Learning
FLIT Flexible Learning Initiative Team
FPD Facilitation and Process Design
GenAI Generative Artificial Intelligence
HETL Higher Education Teaching and Learning
IDC Interdisciplinary Collaboration
IRSI Indian Residential Schools Initiative
ISoTL Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
ISSoTL International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
ISW Instructional Skills Workshop
LD Learning Design
OER Open Educational Resources
LMS Learning Management System
LTI Learning Technology Institute
MOOC Massive Open Online Course
OER Open Educational Resources
OLT Office of Learning Technology
OLO Orientation to Learning Online
OTO Orientation to Teaching Online
PAIR Planning and Institutional Research
PBL Problem-based Learning
PFP Projects & Faculty Partnerships
POD Professional and Organizational Development
PR Peer Review
POSE Program for Open Scholarship and Education
PRS Personal Response Systems
PSW Presentation Skills Workshop
SCETUG Steering Committee for the Educational Technology Users Group
SEoT Student Evaluation of Teaching
SGIF Small Group Instructional Feedback
SPOC Small Private Online Course
SRS Student Response Systems
STLHE Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
SoTL The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
TAG Teaching and Academic Growth
TDP Teaching Development Program
TBL Team-based Learning
TRC Truth and Reconciliation Commission
TLEF Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund
TLPD Teaching and Learning Professional Development
TLT Teaching and Learning with Technology Speaker Series
UCIPD University, College, and Institute, Professional Development
UDL Universal Design for Learning
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