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Introduction to SPA and Overview Documents
  • Student Peer Assessment (PDF) - two page handout that provides an overview of Student Peer Assessment including potential benefits and challenges
  • Student Peer Assessment Implementation Guide (PDF) - two page handout that provides a list of tips for implementing Student Peer Assessment assignments, including how to obtain buy-in from students, how to prepare students for the activity, how to guide students in the revision process, and tips for grading and evaluation
Building Students' Skills in Giving and Receiving Feedback

Comparing Different Tools for Implementing SPA

  • Peer Based Assessment Tool Comparison Chart (UBC LT Hub) - If you want to know more about online tools that can help you implement SPA, check out these detailed tables. There is one table that compares tools to assess students' work and another that compares tools used to assess students' contributions to the group.
  • Peer Evaluation and Review (Arts ISIT web site). - This site also compares UBC supported tools for SPA.

How Have Faculty Members Incorporated Student Peer Assessment?