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Checklist for Staff - On Day of Migration

  1. Have you received the email confirmation message? If yes continue! If no, please contact
  2. Refresh CWL
  3. Setup Outlook for FASmail Account
  4. Setup Rooms and Staff Calendar
  5. Setup Mobile if necessary

Step 1. Auto-Migration Message

The day of migration, you should receive one final message in your Exchange 2007 account with the subject line: Mailbox Switch Notification.

If you did not receive this message, your account has not been migrated - in this case, please contact

Step 2. Refresh CWL

  1. Refresh your Campus Wide Login (CWL) password by following this document:
  2. Wait 5 minutes.
  3. That's it! You can begin using FASmail by either
    1. Login to and use your CWL ID credentials
    2. Use Outlook (see setup instructions below)

Step 3. Setup Outlook

Please refer to the following site for setup documents on Outlook in Windows or Mac:

Step 4. Setup Rooms and Staff Calendar

After migrating to FASmail, all Room and Calendars will need to be setup in your new account. Exchange 2007 Public Folders will no longer be active.

For setting up Room Calendars in Mac, Windows and OWA please see: FASMail Room Setup

Step 5. Setup Mobile Devices

IMPORTANT: you will lose access to your mailbox on your mobile device after the migration has been completed.

You will need to setup your ActiveSync profile again on your mobile device in order to access your FASmail mailbox.

Please note that mobile devices must be:

  • Protected with a password of at least five characters, unless limited by the device OS
  • Configured to lock the screen automatically, after no more than 30 minutes of inactivity, with password protection
  • Encrypted via device level encryption
  • Configured such that they can be remotely wiped in the event of loss or theft

iPhone setup:

Android setup:

Blackberries: Must be setup prior to migration. Users will be auto-detected by IT and contacted.

Outlook Web Access

The URL to access FASmail via the web is:

To login, enter your Campus Wide Login (CWL) account details.

Some Exciting New Features

  • Room booking and Staff Calendars - Accessible from Outlook Web Access (OWA)! Finally!
  • OWA - new and improved
  • Exchange based rules
  • Generic Accounts

Setup Documentation

Outlook Setup

Outlook setup instructions:

iPhone Setup

iPhone instructions:

Android Setup

Android instructions:

Room Setup and Booking

For setting up Room Calendars in Mac, Windows and OWA please see: FASMail Room Setup

You are able to book a room two different ways:

  1. Through an Outlook/OWA meeting invitation
  2. Directly through the room calendar

CTLT Staff Calendar Setup

Please see

Potential Impacts

  1. Staff/Room/Public calendars: these calendars are being moved to FASmail - staff will have access when they are migrated (earliest July 4th - latest July 6)
  2. Exchange Public Calendar outage - afternoon of July 3rd.


[OS, feature: issue]

  • Windows, meetings: Propose new meeting time is for Windows users only - proposed meeting times do not appear for MAC or OWA users
  • Mobile, mail setup: Post migration, account will need to be updated with FASmail server details
  • Chrome, general: Signatures cannot be saved in Chrome
  • Mac, iCal, cancel meetings: attempt to cancel meetings results in new meeting invite to all participants
  • FASmail, display name: CWL info flows to FASmail GAL - can override in UBC directory
  • Windows, meetings: A room will not respond to a suggestion to "propose a new time," organizer will need to go to the room booking and manually change the time.
  • Windows/Mac/OWA, meetings: When a user has editing privileges for a room calendar and cancels the meeting from the room calendar, participants are not notified and it appears that the meeting is still happening - but the meeting is removed from the room, so it can be double booked. Meetings should be cancelled from the user's personal calendar to avoid this problem, instead of being deleted from the room calendar.
  • Windows/Mac/OWA, meetings: When a user books a meeting directly in a room calendar and invites attendees, they cannot edit the meeting from the room calendar without being forced to send updates. However, if they book the meeting via the room calendar and then make changes from their personal FASmail calendar, since the room is the organizer, they are not able to make changes to the event, because their personal account is not the organizer. This results in them being able to change the meeting time within their own calendar while the room booking and all other attendees still see the original booking as in the room calendar.
    • This is fixed be making one's personal FASmail account the meeting organizer instead of the room, and creating the meeting from one's personal account. This way changes can only be made from one's personal account and it always forces an update to be sent when changes are made.


OWA: Outlook Web Access, used to access email via web interface. URL: