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Use the Voice Presentation tool to create an online presentation using web content or your own powerpoint content alongside vocal messages and text in Connect.

Before you begin the process of creating a voice presentation with content you must first create a Tool Link for the Voice Presentation tool. To create a Tool Link, refer to Create a Tool Link (How to).

This document will show you how to:

  • Create Content for Voice Presentation


Effective Practices

  • Collect multiple jpg and pdf files in a folder in the Content Collection to keep organized.
  • A "slide" can be any annotated webpage or a document (.jpg or .pdf) you upload as long as you can select the URL.
  • When using content you did not create, make sure to you have the appropriate copyright permissions.
  • Create an interactive presentation by linking to multimedia content on the web like online videos or Flash and annotate it with your voice.
  • Preview your entire presentation when you are done by going to Options and selecting Continuous Playback.
  • Create a discussion on your Voice Presentation by allowing students to respond with comments on any slide.

Create Content for Voice Presentation

  1. Click Course Content on the course menu bar located to the left side. Once you have added the Tool Link for Voice Presentation, the link appears on the bottom of the Course Content Area.
  2. Click the tool link to launch the Voice Presentation tool. A window may appear to allow "", click allow. If prompted, Click Setup Wizard and follow their steps.
  3. Click New to begin a slide.
    The New button is the first item on the Voice Presentation menu.
  4. In the Compose window, insert a slide title in Subject line.
  5. Import or create slide content by adding the URL in three aways:
    • Upload your content from Powerpoint to Blackboard Course Content Collection
      1. Save Powerpoint as .jpg or .pdf.
      2. Upload jpg or pdf file(s) to your Content Collection. To do so, refer to:
      3. Once the file has been uploaded to your Content Collection, use the URL of course content page.
    • Upload presentations to third party sites
      • Upload presentations to GoogleDocs and use URL in GoogleDocs.
      • Upload presentations to Slideshark and use sharelink as URL.
    • Use URL of websites
      • Use available website URL.
      Note: You can also display interactive websites that have video or Flash.
  6. Use Audio Display to Record audio message for the slide. To record message, use these buttons to record (Record button.png) , pause (Pause button.png), play (Play button 24 x 24.png), and stop (Stop Button.png). To re-record press the record button again.
    Audio Panel for Recording.
  7. For Audio Options, click small box with stripes.
    Audio Options button includes: audio input, audio output, and audio filters
  8. (Optional) Type in text below the audio, such as description or instructions.
  9. When you are finished click Post.

Related Resources

For any copyright questions, please contact UBC's Copyright Advisory Group at The Copyright Advisory Group also hosts a regular series of workshops and drop-in copyright clinics for faculty, staff, and students.