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Use the Voice Email tool to send voice recordings through email messages to external email addresses of individuals or groups that are enrolled in the course.

Before you begin the process of creating a voice email, you must first create a Tool Link for the Voice Presentation tool. To create a Tool Link, refer to Create a Tool Link (How to).

This document will show you how to:

  • Create a Voice Email

Effective Practices

  • Use this tool for external email voice messages to instructor(s) and student(s). Note that any replied messages will be seen in your email account and not Connect.
  • You may add a message in the text area under the audio controls to include in your voice email for additional information.
  • You can select the audio quality that the audio will be recorded in. Keep in mind that lower quality recordings will be more accessible to students with lower speed internet connections.

Create a Voice Email

  1. Click the + to add a Tool Link to the course menu on the left-hand side.
  2. Click link to launch the Voice Email tool. A window may appear to allow "", click allow. If prompted, click Setup Wizard and follow their steps.
  3. Choose the recipient(s) of your voice email.
  4. In the Voice Email window, type in a Subject.
  5. To record message, use these buttons to record (Record button.png) , pause (Pause button.png), play (Play button 24 x 24.png), and stop (Stop Button.png). To re-record press the record button again.
  6. (Optional) Type in text below Audio player.
  7. For Audio Options, click small box with stripes.
    For audio options click on the audio options symbol.
  8. Click Send when finished.

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