Course:The Art of the Trio Volume Three by The Brad Mehldau Trio

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CRWR 501P 003
Advanced Writing of Poetry
  • Instructor:Dr. Bronwen Tate
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  • Office: Buchanan E #456
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The Art of the Trio Volume Three by The Brad Mehldau Trio is a jazz album, with American composer and pianist Brad Mehldau as the band leader. He's accompanied by Larry Grenadier on double bass and Jorge Rossy on drums.

My father, who is a jazz-fiend and once a percussionist himself, listened to the album obsessively when it was released in 1998. I was seven years old. Many car rides, Sunday mornings and family dinners were filled with the album's bittersweet compositions. I can hear my Dad singing along with the melodies and see him tapping his legs to the complex rhythms of the drums. I remember my Mom loving the album as well but turning it down so we could hear each other speak when we were all together. Listening to the album transports me back to a childhood with similar bittersweet sensibilities. It reminds me of how my father was back then, in the best and worst ways. There was a period when I was a bit older, between girl and woman, where we didn't speak or connect much. He withdrew. When we didn't have anything to talk about we could always listen to this particular Brad Mehldau album together.

Tracks "Song-Song" and "Exit Music for a Film" were especially impactful on me. They still bring tears of wonder and melancholy every time I hear it. It's an album I listen to when I know I need to reconnect with myself. As intense as it sounds, every time I listen to it, it opens me up and allows me to feel an array of emotions I try to bury. Things I don't want to confront. Memories that bring joy for their beginnings and sadness for their endings.

For me, it is poetry without words and I listen to it when I need to evoke an emotion for a character or if I need to get into a more emotional headspace for writing.


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