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Social Work
in Health Care
SOWK 551
Social Work in Healthcare is a graduate course at the MSW level that examines and develops, at an advanced level, the practice knowledge and skills required to be a social worker within a continuum of health care contexts.
Project Details
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Community Project Ideas

  • Best practices for groups for people with health anxiety
  • Use of Mindfulness CBT in healthcare
  • Strategies for effective engagement of adult’s spiritual beliefs in care planning
  • Interventions for anxiety in pre-post lung transplant patients
  • Risk factors for clients in their homes as they relate to health outcomes
  • Broad literature review of key topics for healthcare social workers:
  • grief and loss
  • social determinants of health
  • legislation primer
  • risk assessment in healthcare
  • Broad overview of theories used in health care social work
  • Factors that facilitate older adults in accessing housing services or resources- housing, eye glasses, hearing aids, dentures etc-
  • Eating Disorders
  • Evidence based short term group therapy models (mindfulness based cognitive therapy) for people with chronic health conditions
  • Cross cultural trauma interventions for immigrants and refugees in acute care settings
  • Effects of counselling on recovery from cardiac event
  • Benefits of clinical supervision for social workers in healthcare
  • Evidence for the need for 2nd and 3rd stage abstinence- based housing for early recovery of substance use
  • A review of evidence-based, short- moderate term trauma-focused interventions for either individual or group therapy. Beyond the general principles of trauma informed practice, we are curious to learn what programs or treatment approaches are being suggested/ offered elsewhere that could inform our programming here.
  • A review of evidence-based interventions for supporting family members of those living with mental illness. Specifically, what interventions could be offered in a group format. Is there an existing model/ curriculum of providing DBT Skills to families? Other coping-focused models?
  • Hoarding/infestation/squalor and it’s impact on accesses and sustaining housing
  • Working with families/affected or others impacted by a loved one's substance use - literature review of best practices / evidence-based approaches to supporting family members who are impacted by their loved one's substance use. What does the literature suggest in terms of social work practice in this area? Suggested interventions/approaches?
  • Social work role in health care- some possible areas to explore are 1) Resilience factors for SW in the health field 2) Factors contributing to retention of SW in the health care field 3) Impact of educational attainment on retention/ job satisfaction/ professional identity/ sense of efficacy
  • Elderly in hospital- possible areas of inquiry are 1) Eating disorders and the elderly 2) Cross cultural communications with elderly 3) how to make hospitalizations for patients with dementia less traumatic 4) iatrogenic impact of hospitalization on elderly