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Science One Physics
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SCIE 001
Section: 001
Instructor: James Charbonneau
Mark Van Raamsdonk
Office Hours: Varies
Class Schedule: MW 10am-1pm, TR 8:30am-12:30pm
Classroom: IBLC 261
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Welcome to the physics reading guide wiki. These reading guides are based on the chapters found in the Second Edition of Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics by Knight.

Guidelines for Creating and Editing Reading Guides

For those who want to make the reading guide for both yourself and the other students, please keep these points in mind:

  1. Please don't just copy and paste your notes.
    This is a reading guide, not a summary of the chapter. Reading Guide is there to point at a few things where people might be confused, or took a long time for you to understand. Your job is to make things more understandable, not to teach them about the material. That's Douglas' and James' job.
  2. Be open to criticism. (Well, constructive criticisms, not the random ones.)
    Humans are not perfect. We're born to improve. A constructive criticism are there to help you improve, not to hurt you. You're not a superman; always seek ways to improve yourself.
  3. Be Bold!
    If you see something that's wrong, or a topic that's poorly explained, or something that's missing, edit!

Thanks everyone, it's time to make reading guides for ourselves!

Editing Hints

The language used to edit wikipedia is an example of a markup language. The rules of the language might be unfamiliar to you, but they're designed specifically to make editing wikipedia pages easy. The easiest way to learn the markup is to find a page that's already written and copy what they do. The best resource for this is the Wikipedia Markup Help Page.

In addition to the wiki markup, one can use the latex markup that you've learned in class to typeset math equations. Once again, the easiest way to learn how to do this is find a page with beautiful latex math equations and click edit to see what the markup looks like.

What the Reading Guide Is Supposed to Be

Many students spend most of the time just trying to understand the focus of the paragraph that they are reading. The reading guides are supposed to give the focus right off the bat so that reading the textbooks become faster. They are not supposed to be a summary of a chapter, but rather a short, concise note on the focus of each section.

List of Reading Guides

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