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Similar to other pages, edit this page, and copy the content of the page, and paste it to your wiki page in order to use this template. There's an instruction to how to modify this template(including the inputbox and sample project template page) below. If you ever have trouble editing or modifying template, please do not hestitate to contact us at or drop in at one of the WordPress and Wiki Clinic every Thursday 1-3PM PST

Create Your Wiki Page

The "input box" below is a auto-page creation feature that will make it easier for students to create a wiki page by :

  • providing certain pre-set structure of the page (pre-set headings, instruction and guideline of the assignments, pre-set categories)
  • the page will automatically be categorized in certain page structure (for ex: Course:SAMPLE100/2021/Title of the assignment). This will make it easier for you to organize wiki page in future.

Step 1: Create a template page .

  1. Create a new page. Ideally, create a page as a subpage of your project space (For example: Course:FNH200/Sample Assignment)
  2. Add headings that you think it will be suitable for the course (For example: Introduction, Conclusion, References) . You can also copy and paste content from the sample template here.
  3. save the page to publish the sample template. Note down the URL of the template as you will be using this URL in step 2.

Step 2 : Modify the input box:

The "input box" above is using the Inputbox extention. Follow the instruction below to modify.

  1. Edit this page
  2. Click on the inputbox above and press edit.
  3. Modify the following parameter:
    • placeholder=project title here (You can leave this as it is. This is a grey placeholder text that will be displayed on the input box)
    • preload=Course:ABCD123/Assignment_Template (This is where you will be putting your template page. For example, if your template page url is Assignment replace it as Course:SAMPLE100/Sample Assignment )
    • prefix=Course:ABCD123/2021/ (This is where you want all of the students' project page to be organized under. Usually, it is recommended to put organize the page under the format: Course:Course title/Year of the project/.. )

Step 3: Modify the auto generated Project Listings

The auto generated Project Listing below is using a plugin called DPL (Dynamic Page List). What this does is, it will automatically list pages that are in certain condition.

  1. Edit the page. Click on the "Extention:DynamicPageList(DPL)..." and press Edit.
  2. Modify the following parameter:
    • titlematch=SAMPLE100/2021/% (For example, if you want to list all subpages that are under Course:ABCD123/2021/.. , type ABCD123/2021/%
    • replaceintitle=$SAMPLE100/2021/$, (Basically this is to format so that the list of pages looks clean. If your titlematch is set to ABCD123/2021/%, type $ABCD123/2021/$
  3. Save the page.

Note: If there are no pages, it will show up as Warning: No results.

Project Listings(Auto Generated)

Project Template

Sample Project Template - This will be a link of the template.