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I put these notes on a wiki page in part because then you can edit them. Go to the CWL button near the top of the page to log in, then you can edit.

Click on "edit" on the top right, or on the small "edit" next to each of the main sections to just edit that section.

Editing a wiki page is a little unusual; most of the time what you write is what you see, but not always. Use the buttons at the top of the edit box for some shortcuts (like Bold, Italics, bulleted lists, etc); you may have to click on "Advanced" on the top of the editing box to see all the options. Or, if you want to dive into specifics about formatting text on the page, see here:

Be sure to click on "save page" at the bottom of the editing area to save it! You can also click "show preview" to show what it will look like, but that does not save the page!