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Project Management

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Adaptive Materials for Architecture: Inspiration

Video: Smarter Buildings

Video: Smart Screen

Hydro-Fold - ECAL/Christophe Guberan

Video: Nitinol and Felt

Responsive Building Facades

Materials Considerations in Architecture

Prototype of a Breathing Building Skin (D. Kim Sung)

Skin Deep

Digital Morphogenesis

Smart Materials will Revolutionize Architecture

BOOK: Smart Materials in Architecture

Materials Selection for Bi-material Actuation

Materials Selection for Bimaterial Actuators

Material Information Sheets about Thermostatic Bimetals (APERAM)

Shape Memory Materials

Dynalloy - suppliers of Shape Memory Alloys

How to use shape memory wire (inspiration)

ASM Overview of Shape Memory Alloys

Kanthal Bimetal Handbook

Magical Metals How Shape Memory Alloys Work

Thesis on Shape Memory Alloys (#1)

Thesis on Shape Memory Alloys (#2)

Life Cycle Analysis

Introduction to the EcoAudit Tool in CES Software

Background information on EcoAudit Tool

Forum discussion on heat transfer into a room through walls

1982 Paper on heat transfer through windows

Powerpoint on heat transfer through window plus wall

Paper on heat transfer through window

Site explaining heat transfer through normal glass vs glazed glass windows.

The Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure for Energy Rating of Dwellings

Heat transfer through fenestrations and energy saving data

Thesis on the effect venetian blinds have on heat transfer into a room

Cooling and Heating Load Calculations

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Page for /Common Work
Page for /Report and Presentation Work

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MTRL 466 Design Project "Adaptive Materials and Responsive Building Facades"
MTRL 466
Instructor: Chad Sinclair
Office: FF411
Office Hours:
Class Schedule: Wed 13-15, Fri 12-15
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