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Concepts in Medical Genetics for Genetic Counsellors
MEDG 550
Instructor: Jenna Scott
Office: Children's and Women's Hospital, Department of Medical Genetics, Rm C202
Office Hours: Wednesday - Friday, 9-5
Class Schedule: Mondays 9:30am - 11:30am and Fridays 8:30am - 10:30am
Classroom: C240
Important Course Pages
Lecture Notes
Course Discussion

MEDG 550 is the core course in clinical genetics for the students in the Masters Program in Genetic Counselling. This is a two-term course given in the first year of the program, with enrollment limited to the genetic counselling students. It introduces the students to a wide variety of both individual genetic syndromes as well as large categories (i.e. connective tissue disorders, mitochondrial diseases). The classes are taught by genetic counselors, physicians and other health professionals chosen for their interest and expertise in the topic. This course provides the foundation of clinical knowledge for the genetic counselling students to build upon and apply in their clinical rotations and careers as genetic counsellors. Many of the lecturers incorporate case examples that introduce the students to concepts within the interpersonal, counselling and psychosocial domains.