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Black and Wet

There is a path that begins where you can see the woods. It follows in a spiral and where it leads is unknown. If you enter any time, day or night, the tall overhanging trees block out the sky and a heavy mist covers the ground. It is dark… dark as black. The mist wraps around you and your body feels damp, wet and sticky. You can tread through the path; you can tread for hours, days or months… but you will never find an exit; you will have to turn back. Some say that the path leads in a maze, that there is no exit besides the way you came in, some say it is haunted and if you get to the end you will die, others say it is enchanted and it goes on forever. The truth is that because of the immense darkness that sucks up any light you give it, short from cutting it down, no one will ever know the mysteries of these woods.

Katie D