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Seeds of Rain

It was on a cold day where the sun could only be imagined behind the wall of dark grey clouds that I stepped outside for a walk. This was abnormal. The clocks were striking thirteen at the church as I stepped over the moist grass. Suddenly it happened; the sky that was grey suddenly became very dark; so dark that you would think it was much later than it really was. The seeds of rain, slowly at first, rose from the ground and flew up into the sky. I kept walking, to nowhere in particular, but with more purpose since the rain gradually moistened my pants, shirt, and face. This abnormal day for some reason enthralled me.

Once I arrived at the waterfront it was even more miraculous. There was a murder of at least 50 crows circling the middle of the water before diving so fast and furiously down that it seemed as though they would never come back up. Their dark and leathery feathers glistened as the water struck them on it’s way up into the sky.

I wasn’t alone on the beach; mostly everyone had hidden away into the safety of their houses; except for one person. I couldn’t tell you if it was a man, or a woman; a child, or an adult; they stood ominously at the other end of the beach watching the birds and the rain just like me. I couldn’t even tell if they knew I was there or not. I suppose it didn’t even matter. Even to this day I wonder if that person had seen me.

The darkness lifted but the rain seemed to continue. Now it was like a bright summer day, a most peculiar thing. This odd change in mood upset me for some reason. Summer showers are usually my favorite natural event, but this time it felt as though it was Mother Nature, or whoever was controlling this divine change in normalcy, trying to bother me… I guess that is a silly thought since I’m rather insignificant in relation to the cosmos… this insignificance was proven correct when what I thought was just the rain falling up against my crotch that I realized I had actually pissed myself. How could I not notice my own body’s need to release? It would have been extra embarrassing if that mystery person had been any closer to see the uncomfortable look on my face. All I could feel was the warm sensation clutching against my thighs. I considered walking home, but instead stayed and let the rain fall up against my pants, my shirt, and my face. I stayed because I felt human… Later I changed my mind and chose to not eat eggs for dinner. Instead I had steak.