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Tokelau is a non-self-governing territory administered by New Zealand, made up of three populated atolls—Atafu, Fakaofo, and Nukunonu.[1] Approximately 1,400 people inhabit the combined 12 sq km atolls—the world’s second-smallest population after the Vatican City.[2] While over 6,800 Tokelauans were living in New Zealand at the time of the 2006 census.[3]

Each village in Tokelau has its own school, and each school is equipped with a library for use by the students.[4]

Featured Library

The only Tokelau library listed in the Libraries of Asia Pacific Directory is the University of the South Pacific, Tokelau Centre Library.[5] As one of the twenty-one Campus and Centre Libraries, the Tokelau Centre Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme and is open daily Monday through Friday.[6]

Preservation Concerns

Tokelau not only has the regular preservation concerns of any tropical country, they also are vulnerable to natural disasters. Tokelau's national plan mentions that there is only an emergency plan in place, for every village, that address cyclones.[7] Of course, issues related to cyclones involve the risk of flooding and other means of water inundation.[8] They also mention that climate change is a concern, since there has already been a noticeable increase in coastal erosion and storm surges.[9] Plans for mitigating the disasters currently seem to be building and maintaining sea wall, with further plans to create a comprehensive approach.[10] The plan also notes that it is crtiically important that each village's disaster plan is expanded to include more than only cyclones.[11]


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