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Project Title

Skipper Otto's Preservation & Processing Educational Resource Development

Organization Name

Skipper Otto's CSF


221 - 181 Keefer Place


Community Partner Name

Emma Holmes

Email Address

Phone Number


Availability for Contact (in September, October and November):

Weekdays, 9am-5pm

Project Scope Statement

Skipper Otto’s is a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) that is transforming the way in which seafood is produced, consumed, and valued. The CSF creates a direct connection between local fishermen and consumers with the joint goal of protecting ocean resources and increasing food sovereignty by creating an alternative to the dominant model of export-oriented industrial food production. We are requesting assistance with our education program, which aims to increase seafood sovereignty and create community by empowering CSF members to preserve and process seafood by removing the main barrier, which is lack of necessary skills.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Blogs/vlogs on how to use home smokers, how to prepare roe, how long fish will stay fresh, how long fish can be in the freezer, how to cook crab, etc.
  • Host an in person educational workshop

Recommended Research Method

online research, interviews with food science experts, interviews with fishermen/cooks for recipes

Potential Information Sources

FoodSafe and Government websites, books, cooking blogs,

Expected Outcomes

One educational video, several blogs and printed resources, and one in person workshop organized

Potential Community Service Opportunities

Vancouver Farmer's Markets Fresh Fish pick-ups