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Name of the organization:

The Galiano Club Community Food Program


Box 219 Galiano Island, B.C.

Website (if applicable):


Jane Wolverton

Email address:

Phone number:

250 539 2427

Availability for contact (in September, October and November):

Available throughout the fall.

A scope statement for the project:

In 2011, students from LFS 350 completed a project on the farming model of Cable Bay Farm on Galiano Island. Since that time, the Cable Bay farmers have introduced new methods and significantly boosted their production of organic produce. The Food Program is interested in an analysis of their methods, the products used (how do they measure up in environmental safety and sustainability) and whether this model is replicable elsewhere on Galiano and other Southern Gulf Islands. This past month the development of a Southern Gulf Islands Agriculture and Food Security Strategy has just begun. It is expected to take up to 12 months to complete. Information that might be obtained from an analysis of the Cable Bay approach will be very useful to add to the Strategy.

Main project goals and objectives:

Main Goal - Determine whether the methods of Cable Bay Farm and high production can be replicated elsewhere on Galiano and the Southern Gulf Islands, thus boosting overall island food security. Objectives - Analyze methods used at Cable Bay Farm, safety of all products used and associated costs. Measure output in relation to costs. Research most appropriate crops for the type of production. Link with Consultant working on the Southern Gulf Islands Agriculture and Food Security Strategy to determine if the Cable Bay methods are being used on other Southern Gulf Islands.

Recommended research method(s):

Interviews, research into products and methods used - from irrigation, biodegradable ground cover, to starts, observational study.

Potential information sources:

Books, journals, expert interviews, websites

Expected outcome(s):

A sound analysis of a very promising farming method.

Please list potential community service opportunities for LFS 350 students in your organization (preferably related to the project):

Depending on the days of the week that students are available to the Galiano Community Food Program there could be community kitchens, work in the garlic growing co-op and tasks in the School Garden and Community Greenhouse. We have found in the past that what works best for us is having the students arrive on Galiano Island on a Saturday morning and return to the Mainland on Sunday evening. We will locate accommodations (possibly fairly rustic).