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Name of the organization:

South Vancouver Neighbourhood House


6470 Victoria Drive

Website (if applicable):


Tanya Findlater

Email address:

Phone number:


Availability for contact (in September, October and November):

Mon-Fri, 10-6pm

A scope statement for the project:

Piloting a project to develop mentorship opportunities for older youth for helping others in the South Vancouver Community. Using underutilized assets in the community such as the rooftop garden at SVNH and the neighbourhood garden at Champlain Place will be revitalized as these sites are used for some of the youth organized activities. As a result of this project, older youth will have new opportunities for ongoing engagement in their local neighbourhood, new skills to outreach to children, seniors, and families providing them with intercultural and inter-generational connections. Ultimately the youth will experience an increase in positive mental health and the other community members will foster more trust and have healthier relationships.

Main project goals and objectives:

1. Conduct a food assessment survey for Champlain Place-BC Housing Site and SVNH 2. How gardens can contribute to intergenerational programming with Kids Club, Youth, & Seniors 3. Developing proper nutrition info for children, youth, and families facing multiple barriers

Recommended research method(s):

Survey and age appropriate focus groups (eg. dialogue circles) Identify skills that youth and seniors would like to learn and mentor

Potential information sources:

Kitchen Table Sustainability: Practical Recipes for Community Engagement with Sustainability, Wendy Sarkissian Food Security in Social Housing Action Framework and Resource Guide, Population Health-VCH, 2013 Live Well San Diego! 2012 Summit Report VSB Cultural Diversity Stats, 2013/14 BC Housing Dialogue Circle Project, 2012

Expected outcome(s):

The project will build resiliency for children, youth, and families living near SVNH and at Champlain Place BC Housing by cultivating a sense of belonging and healthy community connectedness. The underutilized garden will build life skills in nutrition education, recreation, health and wellness. The project will share survey/focus group results with potential funders, and share nutrition resources onsite with community members and partners.

Please list potential community service opportunities for LFS 350 students in your organization (preferably related to the project):

Creating gardening curriculum for BC Housing Kids Club (6-12 yrs) and Youth (13-18yrs) Revitalizing Champlain Garden and SVNH Rooftop Gardens Biocycle Program, expansion of workshops in partnership with David Thompson

Sept.2-4th: 10-6pm Sept.8-10th: 10-6pm