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Project Title

Gordon Neighbourhood House Collective Kitchen Event

Organization Name

Gordon Neighborhood House (GNH)


1019 Broughton Street

Vancouver, BC V6G 2A7


Community Partner Name

Andrew Christie

Community Food Advocate

Email Address

Ph Number

604-683-2554 ext. 205

Availability for Contact

Monday to Friday 9-6pm

Project Scope Statement

The mandate of Gordon Neighbourhood House is to support their community by providing relevant programs, fostering leadership, social inclusion and meaningful opportunities for inter-cultural learning, community dialogue and education.

Many community organizations and groups have worked to provide some relief to those that are hungry in our community, but the demand on low-cost and emergency food sources continues to increase for those in need in our community – these local groups struggle to meet the increasing demand. In British Columbia, 20% more people access food banks today than in 2008. The reality of the quality of food traditionally available through charitable means is more often than not lacking in nutrients, with many being high-sodium, high in refined sugar, overly processed, overly packaged, a ubiquity of carbohydrates and virtually no fresh produce, dairy or protein sources.

GNH has worked to challenge people to think about the types of food that is made available to the materially poor. We focus on the provision of healthy, nutrient dense meals that are served with dignity and provided in a comfortable dining setting. The GNH Collective Kitchens program provides community members a chance to learn new recipes and cooking skills, while providing low-cost meals and building community

Goals and Objectives

The objectives of this project are to plan, promote, implement, and evaluate a Collective Kitchens meal-sharing event at GNH. The community meal event will begin with a "recipe share" as the entrance ticket, whereby community members can participate in the event by sharing their favourite recipe. Recipes for the evening dishes as well as participant recipes are collected and distributed back to the community through an appropriate on-line medium (e.g. blog, wiki, twitter). Students will be responsible for facilitating food literacy skill development and discussions on individual, family, and/or community food assets. Students may also collect information about participants’ needs and interests in more community meal events.

Recommended Research Methods

Potential Information Sources

Gordon Neighbourhood House

Expected Outcomes/Deliverables

  • A written report with figures and images that document he process of workshop design, promotion, implementation, and evaluation as well as recommendations for future workshops as identified by community participants.
  • On-line recipe sharing resource for the GNH Collective Kitchens program

CSL Opportunities

West End Food Festival Volunteer Shifts


Tiffany Eng and Kayla Church

Community Lunch

Thursday (Sept 18th)

- 11am-2pm

- work in a team of 6-8 volunteers: setting up tables/chairs, setting tables, serving lunch, cleaning up

Brews and Chews 

Thursday (Sept 18th), 6-10pm

- beer and food, highlighting craft beer and food pairings

- DJ Teyshan performing

-work in a team of 10-15 volunteers: set up, clean up, maybe serving

Butchery Basics 

Friday (Sept 19th), times to be determined (approx. 1:30-4:30)

- help set up workshop, interact with guests

- work in a team of 2 volunteers plus workshop manager

- how to properly break down a whole chicken into retail cuts

Backyard Chicken 101 

- Friday (Sept 19th), times to be determined (approx 3:30-5:30)

- help set up workshop, interact with guestswork in a team of 2 volunteers plus workshop manager

- family friendly workshop on keeping backyard chickens

Native Edibles 

- Friday (Sept 19th), times to be determined (approx 6:30-8:30)

- help set up workshop, interact with guests

- work in a team of 2 volunteers plus workshop manager

- outside walking tour, how to identify and harvest wild edible and medicinal plants

Cheese Making Workshop

• Saturday (Sept 20th), 12:30-3:30, 2 volunteers needed

Healthy Eating Workshop Volunteers

- Saturday (Sept 20th), times to be determined (approx 12:30-3:30)

- help setting up workshops, interacting with guests

- work in a team of 2 volunteers plus workshop manager

- local nutritionist give tips on how to prepare delicious, affordable meals

Movie Night - Ratatouille Family Movie Night

Saturday (Sept 20th),

6-9pm: help set up, screen, and take down the movie night

• families encouraged to dress up as mice in pajamas

• work in a team of 2-3 volunteers

Community Potluck Volunteers

• Sunday (Sept 21st), 10:30-3:30 (option to sign up for only 10:30-12:30 or 12:30-3:30)

• work in a team of 10-12 volunteers

- help setting up, serving, and cleaning up a community potluck meal

- help welcome guests, and collect donations

Movie Night and Discussion Volunteers - A Place at the Table

- Monday (Sept 22nd), 6:30-9pm

- work in a team of 2-3 volunteers

- followed by discussion on industry and the epidemic of obesity

- help set up, screen, and take down the movie night

- help facilitate the discussion by taking notes on chart paper

We encourage attendance of all students at "A Place at the Table", as it would be a good introduction to some of the concepts and concerns we are trying to address in our work here.

Let us know if you have any questions or want more information about the individual events. We're looking forward to working with you!