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Organization Name[edit | wikitext]

Richmond Food Security Society

Address[edit | wikitext]

2771 Westminster Way, Richmond, BC

Website[edit | wikitext]

Community Partner Name[edit | wikitext]

Colin Dring

Email Address[edit | wikitext]

Ph Number[edit | wikitext]


Availability for Contact[edit | wikitext]

Monday to Friday 9-6pm

Saturday, Sunday 10-2pm

Project Scope Statement[edit | wikitext]

Food security as a concept is poorly understood. Additionally, those who experience food insecurity are often unaware of the available supports and services available. It may also be the case that there is stigma attached with the use of these services. Given Richmond's unique demographic composition, ethnic and cultural groups have historic and current coping strategies to deal with food insecurity that are differ from country of origin than are available in Canada. We recognize that hunger disproportionately impacts new immigrants, seniors, and youth at risk. The Canadian food relief system serves over 1,500 individuals per week. However, poverty data indicates that a much larger population in Richmond requires food assistance.

Goals and Objectives[edit | wikitext]

This research project will investigate how different ethnic and cultural groups in Richmond define food security terms and concepts. The goal of the project is to understand the unique ways in which different ethnic and cultural groups experience, talk about, and understand food security. The objectives include: identifying and defining Chinese Canadian and Indo-Canadian food security terminology and concepts, a description of food values and issues, and a comparison between western/academic ways of framing food security with that of Chinese Canadian and Indo-Canadian communities.

Recommended Research Methods[edit | wikitext]

Interviews with new and landed immigrants and refugee and settlement service workers.

Potential Information Sources[edit | wikitext]

Literature review of grey and secondary literature pertinent to how food security is framed in India, China, and Taiwan Agency and institution staff (e.g. settlement agencies, faith organizations, non-government organizations, etc…)

Expected Outcomes/Deliverables[edit | wikitext]

A comprehensive review of the literature that examines food security from a cultural perspective An interview guide A comparative analysis between Chinese Canadian and Indo-Canadian and Western framing of food security terms and concepts On Connect:

CSL Opportunities[edit | wikitext]

World Food Day - October 18th Harvesting at the Sharing Farm Community Garden clean up