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Name of the organization:

Richmond Food Security Society


2771 Westminster Way

Website (if applicable):


Colin Dring

Email address:

Phone number:


Availability for contact (in September, October and November):

Monday to Friday 9-6pm Saturday, Sunday 10-2pm

A scope statement for the project:

Household food insecurity remains a pressing issue even in a community like Richmond with roughly 20,000 experiencing hunger. The Richmond food bank serves over 1,500 individuals per week.There is a clear gap in food access among food insecure populations in this city. Social housing units are an obvious place to provide food programming and to implement food security activities. Social housing providers are unclear as to their role in addressing food security and are limited in their capacity. Greater understanding of social housing tenants food issues and wants are needed to build awareness and generate greater uptake at all levels in social housing.

Main project goals and objectives:

To improve household food security among social housing tenants. To understand the food issues that social housing tenants face To articulate the kinds of food programming and activities that social housing tenants would like in and around their units

Recommended research method(s):

Interviews, observational studies

Potential information sources:

Social housing tenants and providers Expert interviews with BC Non Profit Housing and Vancouver Coastal Health Scholarly journal articles Conference proceedings - social housing and food security

Expected outcome(s):

A detailed report outlining the most pressing food issues and experiences that social housing tenants are facing in order to bring food security and social housing into focus at the policy and provider levels.

Please list potential community service opportunities for LFS 350 students in your organization (preferably related to the project):

World Food Day event - October 18th The Sharing Farm - volunteering with harvesting - Sep 15th to Oct 31st Richmond Food Bank - distribution - Sep 15th to Nov 15th Gilmore Church Community Meal - volunteering - Sep 15th to Nov 15th