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Notes from Julia
Class A Thank-You Dance (Dedicated to Ms. James)
Music: Boyz II Men
Costumes: Black, white and navy

1st 8 counts: Nathan, Juvy, David, Zoe & Sunny enter
2nd 8: Holly, Jessa, Michelle & Emily enter
3rd 8: Ena, Cal, Gaby, Snow & Connie enter
4th 8: Danica, Sunny, Kelly, Rae & Lia enter

Everyone name dance (5x8s), orbit (2.5x8s), stop, drop & roll (5,6,7,8) towards partners (8x8s total).

3x8s Partnering Choreo: Connecting right arms (1,2) pull up to both standing and step past R, L (3, 4), turn to face each other 5, hat hand 6, bow 7, stand 8. Right arms connect (1, 2) turn under arm (3, 4), “A” goes to sit on floor while “B” penchés (5,6), “A” reaches right arm and leg long & “B” recovers to standing from penché (7,8), “A” reaches left leg and arm long & “B” snap, snaps with cross-lateral beveled foot (1,2), Reach to connect both arms (3,4), pull up from floor (5,6), flap arms open (and) hug (7), flap arms open (and) recover from hug (8).

2x8s Shoo-op traveling step to find spacing (Rae, Emily, Lia, Ena, Juvy, Kelly) as everyone else exits.

Rae, Emily, Lia, Ena, Juvy and Kelly dance for 3x8s. After 2x8s Cal, Michelle, Danica, Nathan, Gaby and David enter for 1x8 with bowed prayer shuffle step to arrive downstage facing upstage towards partners.

3x8s Partnering Choreo (Downstage people closest to audience are “A”s & upstage people are “B”

1x8 Everyone Shoo-op traveling step into single line formation (David at front)

Back half of line exits stage within 12 counts. David, Sunny, Snow, Michelle, Zoe & Connie dance for 4x8s finishing on the ground turned upstage, Rae, Emily, Sunny, Kelly, Lia & Juvy enter with bowed prayer shuffle step for 8 counts to arrive upstage of partners by end of 4th 8.

3x8s Partner Choreo (Downstage people closest to audience are “B” & upstage people are “A”. After Hug everyone split center and jog off to exit into both wings within 8 counts.

Cal, Danica, Gaby, Nathan, Holly and Jessa jazz chasse entrance into their combo and have been tasked with integrating Danica into “airplane” and incorporating more material from original phrases to extend dance.

Notes for Class B “Thank You” Dance (Dedication: TBD)

Each student, please write down one (1) person/place/thing/ability you feel grateful for and would like to dedicate this dance to and give this slip of paper to me BEFORE the start of class (1:50pm) Monday, February 23rd.

Music: Modella

Costumes: 4 Different Bright Tropical Colours (and black or white pieces where it’s not possible for tops and bottoms to match pod colour).

Pod A/E= Sharchille, Zyra, Shirley, Jared, Ting, Sunny, Manly Pod B/D= Hanna, Chloé, Alyssa, Artemis, Clare, Joyce Pod C/F= Alia, Sadie, Ariel, Kimberly, Jack, Jeff Pod G= Frank, Allan, Bill

Start offstage in wings. Enter with music traveling into empty space with fish swim 4x 8 counts. Frank, Allan, Bill arrive centre stage formation and everyone else exits.

Frank, Allan and Bill dance for 4x 8s. Manly leads upstage line and (who’s) leading downstage line (?) in shark fin chenné turns on 5, 6, 7, 8 (of 4th 8) and all continue chennes for another 8 counts (12 counts total).

Manly’s line ¼ turns over left shoulder to face downstage. Downstage line ¼ turns to face upstage and everyone travels into empty space with fish swim 2x 8 counts. EXIT STAGE Right: Joyce, Chloe, Alyssa, Ting, Jared, Hanna, Manly, Clare, Artemis, Sunny, Frank . EXIT STAGE Left: Sharchille, Shirley, Bill, Allan, Zyra. Arrive in formation CENTRE STAGE: Kimberly, Alia, Jack, Sadie, Jeff, Ariel

Kimberly, Alia, Jack, Sadie, Jeff, Ariel dance 6x 8s then Giant Fish Enter/Exit STAGE Right: Jaws, Clare, Artemis, Sunny, Tail Enter/Exit STAGE Left: Sharchille, Shirley, Bill, Allan, Zyra

Fish ENTER in 4 counts as Kimberly, Alia, Sadie look to see STAGE Right fish and Ariel, Jack and Jeff look to see STAGE Left fish. Jaws (aka Sharcille & not-Manly) open after 4 counts and GiantFish chase dancers offstage completely exiting in 12 counts (scene = 2x 8s total).

Manly, Frank (& Jeff—if you can front roll) enter STAGE Right rolling together with the music and traveling offstage within 2x 8s.

After 1x8 of front rolls: Hanna, Chloe, Alyssa, Artemis, Clare & Joyce enter UpSTAGE Right with frozen “Hawaiian wave” arms and traveling “bus windshieldwiper feet”. Arriving in formation UpSTAGE Right Quadrant in 1x 8. Dance for 4x 8s as arrive sitting “mermaid roll” to EXIT in 1-4 rolls (4-16 counts) as Enter from STAGE Left : Manly, Shirley, Zyra/Sharchille Enter STAGE Right: Jared, Ting & Sunny With Standing “Crab/Sharchille” traveling step (1-2x 8s)

Jared, Ting & Sunny face across from Manly, Shirley and Zyra/Sharchille and dance DownSTAGE of centre (clarify timing 4-6x 8s).


Classes will consist of warm-ups and learning routines. Performances are a required component of the course – the minimum number required will depend on the total number of performances for the year.

The dance genres that will be covered are: social (hip-hop), ballet, and jazz. Time permitting, modern and ethno-cultural dance will also be covered.


Students will develop the abilities to:

  • use the elements of movement (body, space, time, dynamics, and relationship)
  • use the creative process of exploration, selection, combination, refinement, and reflection to compose movement sequences and dances
  • participate in the presentation and performance of dance
  • understand and appreciate the histories, diversities, roles, and influences of dance within society


  • Appropriate dance wear (kneepads, sweatpants, shorts, or tights, t-shirt, and running shoes or dance shoes)
  • No gum, candy, food, juice, or pop. You should bring water to class.
  • Bring a note the next day after an absence (otherwise daily mark = 0/5)
  • Attendance, participation, respect, and effort are the most important elements of a performing arts course


  • Attendance, participation, and proper dance wear: 30% (5 marks per class)
    • late: - 2 marks
    • effort and attitude: - 1 to - 5 marks
    • proper dance wear: - 2 marks
  • Student choreography / tests / assignments (-10% each day late): 30%
  • Performance: 40%

Term 1 = 30% Term 2 = 30% Term 3 = 40%

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