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Research Wiki

Details of the assignment can be found at:

The following topics are set for the Jan 2013 term. Please add your content directly to the links below:

HIST 481 - Research Wiki Topics

Jan 2013 Topics

Education and National Minorities in Contemporary China

Private Education in Contemporary China

Women and Education in Contemporary China

Previous Topics

The "Diploma Disease"

The Internet in China: The Role and Limits of Censorship

Education and Gender in Modern China

Getting Started

6 things to know about using a wiki

How to create tables in a wiki

Adding media to your wiki page

More information on editing the wiki.

More information on formatting the wiki.

Wiki workflow

Editing of a wiki entry should proceed using the following cycle:

  1. Outline your initial ideas in your chosen topic.
  2. Discuss your ideas with your classmates using the Discussion tab at the top of the wiki page.
  3. Update your wiki entry based on your discussion.
  4. Repeat the cycle until you have completed the assignment.