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It’s Up To You

Directions: Read the story and click on the purple text in the option you choose to take you to the result of your decision. Continue the story until you reach 'the end'. You will probably won't get there on your first attempt, but keep trying. You can also read this as a group (each student reading on a different computer at the same time) and see who can reach the end first. After everyone has finished reading their version, find a partner and compare your stories. Report to the class how your stories were different. For homework, change at least three of the options and their results to customize the story even more. Remember, it’s up to you!


So there you are, waking up in a city jail with a terrible headache and a big lump on the back of your head. You have no idea why you are here or how you got here, and you start trying to come up with some possibilities. Your vision is a little blurry, but you can make out a large figure from across your cell. After several minutes your vision is much better, but you are still clueless as to why you are here.


You talk to your cellmate.

You call for a guard.

You try to go back to sleep and hope you wake up at home in bed.