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Module 4: Social Technologies - Project Page

Welcome to Module 4: Social Technologies in Learning

Our group decided to focus on Google Wave and wikis in a high school (Grade 8-12) setting as products for our emerging market. Please navigate through the following vectors to inspect our analysis of these products and our evaluation of each vector prior to looking at our report card on this emerging market.

These are the vectors we covered:

1.Leading Learning Applications

What do the first adoptions look like? Provide an overview and critical analysis of the state-of-the-art in learning-based applications of these emerging technologies, preferably as appropriate to pertinent educational contexts (e.g. informal, K-12, post-secondary, adult, corporate, etc).

2.Leading Solution Providers

Compare and contrast the most exciting products and services available today, from a learning perspective.

3. Stability and Usability

This is the technical reality check. Is it really just geek-ware so far? Is it designed with the ergonomic and environmental realities of learners and classrooms in mind? How difficult is it to set up, and how friendly is it to use effectively? What do teachers need to know first?

4. Total Cost of Ownership

This is the economic reality check. What is the full cost of an effective implementation in terms of infrastructure, training, support, depreciation, etc? Is it here to stay, or might it change drastically or disappear within a buying cycle? What does an institution need to know first?

5. Future Potential

This is the venture capitalist perspective. Describe, in broad technology and economic terms and trends, why this emerging market is interesting and important, and then predict where and when there may be the greatest potential within it for learning.

The Report Card]