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Contributors: Tobias Blaskovits, Claudia Jack, Julie Parkyn, Christine Little, Perdeep Samra, and Rebecca Ticknor

Introduction to Serious Games

(Armitage, 2008)[1]

So what are Serious Games?

Watch the brief video on Serious Games

Why should we consider games as a technology to support and facilitate learning?

Watch the TED Talks video about "Why play is vital -- no matter your age" featuring Stuart Brown

Second Life Seminar

Join us in Second Life as part of our emerging market analysis of Module 9: Serious Game Environments.


It's Time To Play With Serious Games!!

We would like to invite you to join us in Second Life for a presentation on Thursday July 15th at 7 pm Pacific time.

Second Life provides us with a virtual simulation that can be used for multiple purposes, including collaboration and learning.

Prior to this time, you will need to go to Second Life and sign up. This includes creating an Avatar and downloading the required software for Second Life onto your computer.

Once you have created your Avatar, you need to email your Avatar's first and last name to Julie Parkyn at, so that you can be invited to the Second Life Seminar.

We encourage you to login about 15 minutes prior to the start of the seminar in order to help facilitate the teleporting of avatars to the IBM Learning Commons virtual world.

To help guide you through this process we also encourage you to take part in our IBM conference call. The number you will need to call is 1-866-245-5059 passcode: 5536327.

We will attempt to capture our experience and post it for those who cannot make this event.

See you Thursday!

Vector Analysis

Leading Learning Applications

Vector 1 Analysis

Leading Solution Providers

Vector 2 Analysis

Stability and Usability

Vector 3 Analysis

Total Cost of Ownership

Vector 4 Analysis

Future Potential

Vector 5 Analysis

Final Vector Analysis

Final Vector Analysis


  1. Tom Armitage, T. (2008 December). If Gamers Ran The World. Message posted to