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Winter 1 2010

Course Description: What is curriculum studies? What is the state of research in curriculum studies? This course is one of the two core requirements in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy's graduate program. We survey a wide range of research and practices in curriculum and pedagogy (C&P) or curriculum and instruction (C&I)- i.e., curriculum studies. In this winter 2010 section, we will focus on curriculum theory and a recent survey of the fields of curriculum studies (Handbook of Curriculum and Instruction). The emphasis is on understanding curriculum as a dynamic discipline or interdiscipline, demanding specific attention to discourses, issues, and practices germane to curriculum studies.

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EDCP 562 DLG Planning


EDCP562: DLG3 Introduction

EDCP562:Chapter 5

EDCP562:Chapter 6

EDCP562:Chapter 7

DLG CH 8/9/10


EDCP562:Chapter 8

EDCP562:Chapter 9

EDCP562:Chapter 10