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CPSC 312 2021 - Project Rules

Here are some rules about the project:

  • This is a wiki that you can edit, so you can change these rules
  • Do not sabotage anyone else's page
  • Do not plagiarize. You need to give references to any one else's work that you use. Academic integrity is important, and will be enforced. If in doubt, don't use other's material, or put in quotes and attribute it.
  • You can post code. Please place a copyright notice on your code, so everyone knows whether they can use the code. You can use whatever copyright you like ( and have copyright notices that you might like to use if you want to share code). This means that you are free to use other people's code, as long as you respect their copyright and give them credit, but other people's code does not count towards the "something extra". Make sure it is clear what is your code and what is other's code.
  • Use the discussion tabs on pages to give feedback.
  • On the home page, create a link to your page in the appropriate category. Feel free to create new categories or subdivide them.
  • Please use "Course:CPSC312-2021" as the base name for all wiki pages, and add something to the end. The best way to create a page is to create the link on the home page (copy and rename other links), and then click on the link to create the page.
  • This wiki is designed to be useful for students. Use it. If you are not using it to cheat or harass people, everything is fair game. Keep it respectful.
  • You do not have to participate in this wiki. If you do not want your project to be public, please talk to the instructor or a TA. You may remove your entry after the project marks are out if you do not want the page to be permanent.