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Add your introduction here[1], covering general background information about the topic (e.g. location, duration).

Nature of the issue or problem

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Include the scope/scale of the problem, intensity/frequency/severity of negative impacts, variables influencing those impacts and any other relevant information needed for understanding the issue.

Current remedial action(s)

A description of the solutions or efforts that are currently underway to tackle the issue or problem.

Options for future remedial action(s)

An evaluation of solutions from technical, social, cultural, economic, financial, political and/or legal points of view (not all of these categories will be relevant to all situations). If relevant, add any policy recommendations.


You should conclude your Wiki paper by summarizing the topic, or some aspect of the topic, and if possible, state a policy or other type of recommendation.


Please use the Wikipedia reference style. Provide a citation for every sentence, statement, thought, or bit of data not your own, giving the author, year, AND page. For dictionary references for English-language terms, I strongly recommend you use the Oxford English Dictionary. You can reference foreign-language sources but please also provide translations into English in the reference list.

Note: Before writing your wiki article on the UBC Wiki, it may be helpful to review the tips in Wikipedia: Writing better articles.[2]

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