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Speaking Clearly

We all have accents and they are part of what makes our multicultural environment so colourful. Sometimes however, our pronunciation can make it difficult for others to easily understand what we are saying. This course will help you to speak clearly by explaining and providing intensive practice in the processes of connected speech and the articulation of individual sounds.

The course takes place face-to-face in small groups of around 15 students per class so that we can provide the individual attention that is necessary for speech intelligibility. It takes 15 hours to complete, divided into two 90 minute classes per week for five weeks. After successful completion of this course your speech should be comfortably intelligible.

In particular you should be able to:

  • use the sentence stress, rhythm and intonation that clearly conveys your meaning
  • use correct word stress
  • understand how, and be able to link words together
  • more clearly pronounce individual sounds that may be different from or not exist in your language.