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Resources and Tools for Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppressive Workshops

A few considerations...

When considering how to organize a workshop around themes of anti-racism, anti-oppression and/or recognizing power and privilege, the resources below may be of some help to you. Here are just a few considerations for those of you who are planning to facilitate or participate in anti-racism or anti-oppressive workshops.

  • If you are considering undertaking the planning of such an event, remember that it is important to be well-practiced in facilitating dialogue between people who come to the workshop as representatives of different experiences.
  • Under no circumstances should people of color be made to feel they have to explain or relive their experiences, or defend the legitimacy of their feelings, to people who are white.
  • If you are planning to organize/facilitate or participate in a workshop, there are many ways that you can avoid making mistakes by being well informed, and choosing to listen rather than speak, especially if you are a person who is representative of a dominant group.
  • It is important to acknowledge that you are engaging in a learning process and as a result, you will probably make mistakes along the way. By stating that you are open to criticism and correction, you show that you understand you are not an authority on the experiences of others.
  • Show appreciation for those who are working with you to help you better recognize the ways in which you experience privilege.

Resources, Links & Tools...

All resources below are available from the UBCO library: