Anti-Racism and Social Change Database

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About This Project...

If you have come to this page to learn more about anti-racism and social change, you have come to the right place. The purpose of this database is to organize and categorize the resources that are readily available through the UBCO Library and on the 'net, in a meaningful way.

This database is divided into four broad sub-sections, under which all other resources are classified. Please consider this database a "work in progress," and know that I welcome and I invite any changes to the content. Please don't hesitate to make additions to the resource lists, as it would be great to see the database expand. My hope is that this guide becomes a useful tool to those who are working to eliminate racism and discrimination.

The topics raised in the documentaries or through the websites listed in this database can sometimes be uncomfortable, shocking, upsetting and angering. Remember the importance of these emotions, and don't just dismiss them --- talk about them with someone else.

Human rights' violations, racism and discrimination don't stop when we simply navigate away from these pages. The ability to think about the ways that you and I contribute to perpetuating inequality is an important first step when moving towards social change. It's only when we have knowledge of our own involvement and participation in systems that maintain inequality, that we can begin to think about how to make different choices. It's only then that you or I might begin to ponder the question, "What can I do to bring my actions in line with my values?"

I hope that you find a resource within this guide that speaks to you, and inspires you to ask this question of yourself.

Thanks for reading!