Alternate Canadian Media Sources

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Alternate Canadian Media Sources

Top pick: Briarpatch

  1. Rabble
  2. Campaign for Democratic Media
  3. The Tyee
  5. Canadian Dimension

Scroll down for descriptions of the aims and goals of these websites as stated on the websites themselves

Briarpatch: Fighting the War on Error

Briarpatch is a contemporary issues magazine with a chip on its shoulder and a fire in its belly. Fiercely independent and frequently irreverent, Briarpatch tackles today’s most pressing problems from a radical, grassroots perspective. Publishing bimonthly, Briarpatch conspires to provoke, inspire and empower its readers in their efforts to build a better world.

Rabble was built on the efforts of progressive journalists, writers, artists and activists across the country. We launched rabble on April 18, 2001, just before the protests against the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, and leapt onto the Net with the kind of coverage you could only get from the point of view of the rabble. We have covered events and issues in ways you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else ever since. is a registered not-for-profit organization. We rely on the support of individual and organization donors and our sustaining partners.

Campaign for Democratic Media is a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization working to advance and support an open and innovative communications system in Canada. Our primary goal is to increase public awareness and informed participation in Canadian media, cultural, information, and telecommunication policy formation. We strive to make Media, and telecommunications more transparent, with broader and more representative public participation. Our job is to shine a spotlight on key media policy developments, and provide essential tools and information for citizen engagement.

The Tyee: A Daily Independent BC Publication

In November of 2003 The Tyee began its swim upstream against the media trends of our day. We're independent and not owned by any big corporation. We're dedicated to publishing lively, informative news and views, not dumbed down fluff. We, like the tyee salmon for which we are named, roam free and go where we wish. Dedicated to Providing a Wide Range of Credible Media-Related Resources

This website contains a multitude of resources, journal articles, and links around topics such as: cultural studies, globalization, film studies and independent news resources.

Canadian Dimension: For People Who Want to Change the World

We are a magazine which shows there is an alternative to the corporate agenda and the dictates of the global market; that the dream of a better society is still alive. It provides a forum for debate, where red meets green, feminists take on socialists, socialists take on social democrats, whites hear from aboriginals, activists report from all corners of Canada, trade unionists report from the front lines, campaigns make connections, and the latest books, films, websites, CDs, and videos are radically reviewed.”