What is Soil Texture? Outreach Kit

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This kit from the Soil 4 Youth Website and provides an opportunity to examine soil texture through hand texturing and sedimentation to learn about how this soil property that can tell us a lot about the fertility and water management needs for a given soil. You can find the lesson plan for this kit HERE.

Outreach Kit Materials

  1. Towel for washing hands
  2. Water bottles
  3. Bucket for waste soil
  4. Soil samples for hand texturing (Clay/Silt/Sand)
    • A dry, coarse soil (preferably sieved to the 2.0-0.5 mm diameter range)
    • A dry, fine soil (preferably sieved to <0.5 mm diameter)
    • Three other dry, sieved soils of known textures
  5. Three jars with soil in suspension for shaking
  6. Duo tang with Lesson Plan
  7. Soil Texture Triangle Handout
  8. Key for Soil Texture Determination Handout
  9. Handout for Activity 2 - Soil Jar Experiment
Photograph of "What is Soil Texture?" outreach kit contents.