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So, rather than debate the point, you have vandalized and destroyed yet another page. You're not a very just administrator, are you? I had created /ScottMcMillan where anyone interested might discuss your transgressions, but apparently, like most people appointed (not elected) to "Administrative" positions at The University, you have no love of freedom of expression. Were you hired to censor people?

I had created that Arts page; this isn't your personal fiefdom. An administrator ministers---do you know for whom you minister to the needs of this wiki? What policy did the page violate? The Ad-hoc "Scott McMillan may destroy any page he likes, lock it, and hand it over to others"?

"the Arts page that was needed for the Arts name space."

That is nonsense. The Faculty of Arts lusers could've easily set up /Arts2, /FacultyOfArts, any number of alternatives. You had no right to destroy my hard work for the purpose of reassigning my /Arts page. You have confirmed, it appears, that this decision was made of your own "authority", without consultation and without judgement. Restore my /Arts page.

Rtav you can create your page with a different page title just take the content from the history your work was not desroyed everything in a wiki is saved in the revision history:

Wiki's are not static that is something you have to accept when first using a Wiki things can be moved changed by other users. Check out Wikipedia's revision history happens thousands of times per day.

--ScottMcMillan 16:37, 21 June 2010 (UTC)


I am well aware of how a Wiki works, as well as some of the larger philosophical concerns associated with free information systems. The issue here is that your solution applies equally well, in fact, better, to the so-called "Arts colleagues around campus." I am not sure why you think that the staff of the Faculty of Arts should have a monopoly on the namespace "Arts," as I imagine "Arts" are of interest to more than just those taking wages in the Faculty. There is a Faculty of Arts, and I note that /Faculty_of_Arts is not taken, so they should have taken that, rather than having you raze and lock the page I created. As /Talk:Arts shows, you did not even bother to discuss your act first; you simply destroyed my hard work without any dialogue at all.

This is simply unfair. Why, exactly, in your view, should I have to re-create my page as opposed to the faculty simply taking a different name? I don't think there's any reason they have more right to the /Arts page than me, so shouldn't priority of time prevail? I got there first, so what right have they to get you to destroy my work and replace it with theirs? Am I correct in presuming that you were ordered to do this, not that you did it of your own head?


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