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Comments for Homework 5

Hi Albert,

I'm posting comments on your homework 5 here because you submitted it electronically. Here are a few points:


Please write out your reasoning or thought process for this question as it's mostly a logic question. Don't just give an answer and leave it as that!

Prob. 2

At x = 3 we require a jump discontinuity. the discontinuity you had there is only a removable one. At x = 5 we require a removable discontinuity, but your function appear to be continuous -- in fact, that extra dot means it's multi-valued and not a function! Also, we need the limit as x approaches 5 from the left to be 3, right now it appears to be some number just below 5.

by the way, drawing with paint is really difficult, you could try a simple program like Dia which is very useful for plotting/drawing, it could even do circuit diagrams!



Hi Albert,

Thanks for your contribution to the math forum with your solution to the webwork questions. I'm sure you'll get some feedback from other students quickly.

I know it takes a few tries to get the math typing right in here, I really recommend having a good look at the Formatting page and at this very useful guide for typing math.

Remember you can always check how people typed something by looking in the edit mode. This should help to get you started.


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