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Background information

Zehao's picture

Zehao Lai (赖泽灏)(born on July 31 2000) is a vantage arts student studying in University of British Columbia. Before entering university, he was studing in Nanchang No.2 High School.

Zehao was born and rised up by his grandparents in Xinyu, Jiangxi, China. He moved to Nanchang ,Jiangxi which is his second home town after his 8th birthday. He finished his primary school and middle school education there.


Zehao lived in a Chinese standard three person type of family with his father Jun Lai(赖军)(born on june 13 1973) and his mother Qing Li(李庆)(born on March 21 1973). He has no brothers or sisters. Jun is an officer at tax bureau. Qing is an Univeristy Professor studying the filed of Eltrical Engerineering.


Zehao says he is an Atheist. He believes in parallel universe.


Zehao doesn't smoke or drink alcohol. He eats and drinks healthly. His body fat content are fall in side healthy level.

Zehao lost one of his tooth at the age of 10 playing with his friends at the school playground. This makes him left with only 31 teeth.

Areas of Interests

Zehao is interested in things that he makes him feels free. The following list shows some of his main interest.


Zehao loves reading books in his free time. He sometimes spends the whole afternoon reading books. His favorite books so far are Revival by Stephen King, Before I go to Sleep by S.T. Watson and Loneliness is the gift of life by Yuguangzhong(余光中), Lingqingxuan(林清玄), Baixianyong (白先勇).


Movies are one part of Zehao's life. He watches 6 movies per month in average since middle school. He finished most of the high ranks movies in douban . Some of his favorite movies are Buried 2010 , redestination 2014 And Crush 2004

Travel(unrulliness palce)

Zehao took this picture in Tibet with his Mavic pro

Zehao loves to travel, and he seldom spent his time at home during vocation. He especially loves to go to place where you can't see anyone in your eyesite. The place without civilization. He enjoys the feeling of "touching nature". He had been to one of his dream destination which is Tibet, where he spend more than 20 days without smart phones. He wants to go to Amazon Jungle after his University studying.

Electronic devices

Follewed after his mother, he seems to be "connect" with electricity. He wants to be an electricity engineer since he was young. He took clock apart and tried to figure how it works when he was 6. He is intrested in computer programming now.