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Koha Acquisitions Framework Creation Guide

Setting up an Acquisitions framework will help set up some defaults to make your cataloguing of items you're ordering go a little more smoothly. This is necessary for Koha 3.2 users because of the way the acquisitions module got rewritten for this version, and these instructions are for users on 3.2. Okay, now to begin.

  1. In the Koha Staff Client as a superlibrarian, go to the Administration page. In the column on the right under Catalog, click on MARC Bibliographic framework.
  2. Check if there is an Acquisitions framework with a code of ACQ on the list. If there is one, click 'MARC structure' and skip to Step 6. Otherwise click the button above the list that says 'New Framework'.
  3. In the Framework Code field type ACQ (that allows the acquisitions module to grab this framework without anyone having to code anything crazy). In the Description field type Acquisitions. Once those are both filled in click Submit.
  4. Now there should be an Acquisitions framework with a code of ACQ on the list. Click 'MARC structure' to edit it.
  5. It will say 'Create framework for ACQ (Acquisitions) using ' and there will be a dropdown box of frameworks. Just use the Default one and click the OK button.
  6. Now you will set up how the ACQ framework operates. To make items show up as "Not for loan - Ordered" when they're ordered, we just need to modify a subfield in the 952 tag. There's a small search box above the list of MARC tags that says 'Search for Tag.' Type 952 in there and hit 'Search.'
  7. Now in the table, Tag 952 should be the top result. Over on the right hand side of the page, click 'Subfields'.
  8. To set the Not for Loan status for the item we modify subfield 7, so find that in the table shown and click 'Edit'.
  9. Now you should be on a screen that says Tag 952 Subfield Constraints. Near the bottom of the screen is a link that says 'display more constraints'. Click that.
  10. Under 'Advanced constraints' there is a text field that says 'Default value'. You want to set this to '-1' (without the quotes). You can't just type in On Order here, but that -1 maps to 'Ordered' in the NOT_LOAN authorized values.
  11. Click the 'Save Changes' button up near the top of the screen and you've set up an Acquisitions framework.

Congratulations! Once you've done this (and if you have the AcqCreateItem preference under Administration > System Preferences > Acquisitions set to create an item when placing an order) when you add items to your baskets in Koha they will by default have the Not for loan status of Ordered. I hope that was clear and useful for you. Let me know if there's anything that needs more clarification.