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Welcome to the UBC Wiki

a shared space for UBC students, staff, and faculty created by UBC students, staff and faculty.

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How to use this Wiki

Pages on the UBC wiki are grouped into different collections to accommodate different needs:


The root of the wiki is open space reserved for articles relating to UBC. It is primarily a community area for knowledge sharing about all aspects of the University.


Course-based content or activities should go into the Course space. See Using the UBC Wiki for Course Work for more information on how to add pages to this space.


The Documentation space is provided for documentation, support guides, technical manuals, and other similar content. Here is an example of how it can be used.


The Sandbox is your notebook; it's a place to work, do projects, collaborate, experiment, or just play with the Wiki.

Featured Article

Visual editor

The UBC Wiki has been upgraded to include new features that will make it easier to use. The upgrade will include the addition of a "visual" or "WYSIWYG-like" online rich-text editor to the UBC Wiki, removing the need to learn the wiki markup language and making it a lot easier to edit.

The inherent qualities of the UBC Wiki platform, combined with the ease of access, provides a solid foundation for a collaboration space for the UBC community and the upgrade will improve additional aspects of the user experience. New features will also include:

  • New image search and embed feature
  • New table tool
  • New Citation tool
  • Math and Chemical formula tool
  • New Category feature