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Personal experience

  • Political Science 303 (Canadian Federalism) Enr: ~100
  • Maths 443 (Honours Graph Theory) Enr: ~15, Atnd: ~20
  • Urban Studies 400 (Seminar on the Future of Cities) Enr: ~20
    • Vista-centric. Discussions about Internet Openness/Cities.

Do Students Care?

Students generally

  • UBC OCW Facebook Group. 46 students in group. Started by a second year student. Didn't go anywhere.

UBC-V Student leaders

  • Student senators.
    • Edgcumbe election issue.
    • On Board in Spirit.
    • Tangibles, though?
  • UBC-V Students' union sympathetic, not a priority (but could be)
  • Student media interested. Ubyssey cc-licensing on table.

National movement

  • Textbooks now on national agenda of students.
    • Promises from Conservatives.
    • Entry into copyright.
    • Close to OE. Shift focus?
  • Also on mind: OCW.
    • National lobby casual exploration.
  • Not on mind: "Open Education". What is "Open Education"?

UBC-V Climate


  • Where is the Provost?
  • Where is the Library, publicly?
  • Where is this movement in formal documentation?

My Wish

  • Step 1: Framing. A UBC home, community and definition.
  • Step 2: Enacting. Policy and clear resourcing.

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