reverted your new edits to [[Help:Organization]]

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Hi, thanks for using the UBC Wiki. I noted you recently edited the page at Help:Organization and I just wanted to let you know that I reverted your changes. The UBC Wiki is a university wide platform that is used by many different people for many different courses, projects, and other purposes. It looks like the edits you made were changing the Help:Organization page to be focused on a specific project (EDUC 450-451}. The Help:Organization page is a help page for the entire wiki and thus should be reflective of the entire the wiki rather than any specific project.

If I can provide more info or help set up and organize pages for this project or course please let me know. We also have a drop in wiki clinic every Thursday - more info is available at Help:Contents#Support. Finally, the page Help:Using_the_UBC_Wiki_for_Course_Work might be helpful in thinking about how to organize your pages.

Thanks again,

04:25, 14 June 2012